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Lakers Steve Nash Out For Entire 2014-15 NBA Season

Photo Credit: losangeleslakers/Facebook

Steve Nash will miss the entire year, but will still be paid more than some of the top NBA free agents that went to different teams this offseason. read more

Giants Manager Bruce Bochy Has The Biggest Head In Baseball

Photo Credit: Bruce-Bochy/Facebook

Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy carries around a huge melon. Find out what we’re talking about. read more

Lakers Tired Of Kobe Bryant: Front Office Waiting For No. 24 To Retire So Team Could Begin Rebuilding

Photo Credit: Los.Angeles.Lakers.Turkiye/Facebook

This report of Kobe Bryant could hurt his NBA legendary reputation forever. read more

Video Vault

Blazers PG Damian Lillard Rapping On The Conan O’Brien Show (Video)

Photo Credit: milton bonilla/YouTube

Damian Lillard showing off his lyrical talents on Conan. read more

Ray Lewis To Antonio Brown After Steelers Victory: ‘You Always Look GOOD!’

Antonio Brown

Did Ray Lewis and Antonio Brown share a ‘Bro-Sesh’ on Monday Night Football? read more

NBA Season Did Not Start Yet, But Lance Stephenson Is Already Flopping (Video)

Photo Credit: hornets/Facebook

Lance Stephenson and flopping is one of the funniest things the NBA has to offer. read more

GIF Central

George Brett Speechless After Royals Comeback Victory (GIF)

GIF Credit: @cjzero/Twitpic

George Brett was absolutely stunned! read more

This Adam Silver GIF Of Him And Donald Sterling Is Impressive

GIF Credit: Sports Quotient/Twitter

NBA commissioner Adam Silver serving Donald Sterling in this fantastic GIF! read more

Fan Throws An Octopus At Bruins Goalie Tuuka Rask (GIF)

GIF Credit: @PeteBlackburn/Twitpic

Redwings fans love their octopus! read more

Photo Bucket

Ray Rice Halloween Costume Is Very Popular In 2014 (Photos)

Photo Credit: @iAustinHunt/Twitter

Fans are everywhere wearing the Ray Rice costume for Halloween. read more

News Channel Mistakes Gary Payton For Peyton Manning (Photo)

Photo Credit: @AshokaESPN/Twitter

Wait, did Peyton Manning get a real bad tan? Nope, just a pure FAIL. read more

Top 100 Sports Blogs: Blog Surface Lands At No. 63

Top 100

Blog Surface makes it in the ‘Top 100 Sports Blogs’ list. Awesome! read more

Gossip Galore

Clash Of Clans Nearly Destroyed The Kansas City Royals Season

Photo Credit: Royals/Facebook

The Kansas City Royals were really close to ruining their season because of a strategy game on the phone. read more

Justin Bieber Serious About Boxing, Floyd Mayweather Training Pop Star And Will Promote His Fights

Photo Credit: justinbieber/Instagram

Floyd Mayweather training Justin Bieber for a future boxing fight? Maybe. read more

LeBron James Felt Awkward Being Around Pat Riley During Dwyane Wade’s Wedding

Photo Credit: MiamiHeat/Facebook

There is no such thing as a good relationship when it comes to LeBron James and Pat Riley. read more

Women of Sports

NBA Rookie Nik Stauskas Girlfriend Taylor Anderson Is A Smokester


Kings Nik Stauskas’ girlfriend is a hottie! read more

Spurs Assistant Coach Becky Hammon Putting In Work

Photo Credit: @NBA/Twitter

Coach Becky Hammon running drills with the Spurs. read more

40-Year-Old Woman Makes The Cheerleading Squad For The Saints

Photo Credit:

You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish if you put all your heart into it. read more


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