Strictly Sports

Sidney Rice Retires From NFL Due To History Of Concussions

Photo Credit: Seahawks/Facebook

Sidney Rice is calling it quits. It’s been great while it lasted Sid. read more

Veteran Jason Babin Inks Two-Year Deal With NY Jets

Photo Credit: @JasonBabin93/Twitter

This is a great move by the New York Jets. read more

Mario Chalmers On LeBron James Departure: Never Thought Anybody Would Leave A Place Like Miami For Cleveland

Photo Credit: mchalmers15/Facebook

Heat guard Mario Chalmers is still in disblief that LeBron James is gone. read more

Video Vault

Floyd Mayweather Plans To Buy His Girlfriend A Private Jet (Video)

Photo Credit: @badmedina/Twitter

When you’re Mayweather’s lady, you get everything… even a private jet. read more

Packers AJ Hawk Tackles A Fan At A Golf Course (Video)

Photo Credit: officialajhawk/Facebook

One particular fan wanted to know how it would feel to be tackled by an NFL linebacker, A.J. Hawk helped him out. read more

Flavor Flav Still Wearing Huge Clocks: Seen Watching A Game In Las Vegas Summer League

Photo Credit: cjzerovids/YouTube

Flava Flav is in the house! read more

GIF Central

This Adam Silver GIF Of Him And Donald Sterling Is Impressive

GIF Credit: Sports Quotient/Twitter

NBA commissioner Adam Silver serving Donald Sterling in this fantastic GIF! read more

Fan Throws An Octopus At Bruins Goalie Tuuka Rask (GIF)

GIF Credit: @PeteBlackburn/Twitpic

Redwings fans love their octopus! read more

Philly Fan Throws Middle Finger At Dan Carcillo After Rangers Goal

GIF Credit: @myregularface/Twitpic

Dan Carcillo flipped off after scoring goal in Game 3 against Flyers. read more

Photo Bucket

ESPN SportsNation Takes A Shot At Carmelo Anthony For Taking Max Deal (Photo)

Photo Credit: CarmeloAnthony/Facebook

There’s nothing wrong with what SportsNation did, they just said what many people were saying. read more

Twins Brian Dozier Wearing Captain America Batting Gloves For 2014 HR Derby (Photo)

Photo Credit: @bracehemmelgarn/Twitter

Brian Dozier wants to be ‘Captain America’ for the Home Run Derby! read more

What NBA Teams Would Look Like If Players Played For Their Hometowns (27 Photos)

Photo Credit: nba/Facebook

Ever wonder what it would be like if NBA athletes represented their hometowns? See for yourself. read more

Gossip Galore

Floyd Mayweather Had Sex With T.I.’s Wife Tiny?

Photo Credit: ESNEWS/YouTube

First, Floyd Mayweather said he had sex with Tiny… then he didn’t. Which one is it going to be ‘Money?’ read more

Aaron Hernandez Arraigned For 2012 Double-Homicide, Spilled Drink Led To Shooting

Photo Credit: chriswack/IconoSquare

If Aaron Hernandez’s arraignment is true, OVER isn’t the word for the former Patriots’ tight end. read more

Floyd Mayweather And Rapper TI Brawl In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Facebook

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and rapper T.I. go at it in Las Vegas. read more

Women of Sports

40-Year-Old Woman Makes The Cheerleading Squad For The Saints

Photo Credit:

You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish if you put all your heart into it. read more

Mario Gotze Wants You To Meet His Sexy Girl Ann-Kathrin Brommel

Photo Credit:

Germany’s Mario Gotze is living the life right now. read more

Enjoy The Booty: Volleyball Time

Photo Credit: Imgur

Now do you like volleyball? read more


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