Strictly Sports

John Wall Has Fighting Words For Dion Waiters Regarding Best Backcourt In The NBA

Photo Credit: Cavs/Facebook

Which NBA team has the best backcourt? Wizards or Cavs? read more

Should The Mets Re-Sign Lucas Duda?

Photo Credit: lucasdudafanpage/Facebook

Lucas Duda should be one of the Mets’ top priorities. read more

Farewell Captain Jeter

Photo Credit: Yankees/Facebook

Goodbye Derek Jeter. We will miss you on the field. read more

Video Vault

Royals Jarrod Dyson Performs The Shmoney Dance In American League Wildcard Game (Video)

Photo Credit: James/Vine

Jarrod Dyson is not afraid to ‘show out’ in the playoffs. read more

Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, And Kevin Hart Hilariously Say Goodbye To Derek Jeter (Video)

Photo Credit:

You got to see this funny video for Derek Jeter! read more

Chiefs Heckler Violates A New England Patriots Fan (Video)

Photo Credit: MatthewACherry/Vine

This New England Patriots fan got 100% violated. read more

GIF Central

George Brett Speechless After Royals Comeback Victory (GIF)

GIF Credit: @cjzero/Twitpic

George Brett was absolutely stunned! read more

This Adam Silver GIF Of Him And Donald Sterling Is Impressive

GIF Credit: Sports Quotient/Twitter

NBA commissioner Adam Silver serving Donald Sterling in this fantastic GIF! read more

Fan Throws An Octopus At Bruins Goalie Tuuka Rask (GIF)

GIF Credit: @PeteBlackburn/Twitpic

Redwings fans love their octopus! read more

Photo Bucket

Orioles Made Rookies Dress Up In Funny Costumes (Photos)

Photo Credit: ubaldojimenez22/Instagram

Check out these funny costumes worn by the Baltimore Orioles rookies! read more

Mets Ace Matt Harvey Spotted In Yankees Stadium For Derek Jeter’s Final Game (Photo)

Photo Credit: @InMetsWeTrust/Twitter

Wait, what’s New York Mets’ ace Matt Harvey doing at Yankees Stadium? read more

Where NFL Players Went To College (Infographic)

Photo Credit: NeoMam Studios/SportsBettingOnline

Which Division-1 school breeds the most NFL players? Find out. read more

Gossip Galore

Michael Phelps Locked Up: Arrested For DUI

Photo Credit: michaelphelps/Facebook

Michael Phelps is in trouble with the law. read more

Rajon Rondo Broke His Hand In A Trampoline Park, Not In The Shower?

Photo Credit: rajonrondo/Facebook

Did Rajon Rondo lie to the Celtics about how he broke his hand? read more

103-Year-Old Japanese Sprinter Wants To Challenge Usain Bolt To A Race

Photo Credit: @889BrilaFM/Twitter

This 103-year-old man got some balls. read more

Women of Sports

40-Year-Old Woman Makes The Cheerleading Squad For The Saints

Photo Credit:

You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish if you put all your heart into it. read more

Mario Gotze Wants You To Meet His Sexy Girl Ann-Kathrin Brommel

Photo Credit:

Germany’s Mario Gotze is living the life right now. read more

Enjoy The Booty: Volleyball Time

Photo Credit: Imgur

Now do you like volleyball? read more


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