Strictly Sports

Michael Pineda Ejected For Having Pine Tar On His Neck

Photo Credit: @SoxyinPA/Twitter

We’re shaking our heads at you… Michael Pineda. read more

Kevin Garnett Responds To Raptors GM ‘F-Brooklyn’ Statement

Photo Credit: kevingarnett/Facebook

Kevin Garnett is more than ready to play Game 3 in Brooklyn. read more

Which NFL Teams Filled Major Holes In Free Agency?

Photo Credit: Packers/Facebook

Who got better in the NFL? We name three teams that did. read more

Video Vault

Simply The Worst Flop You Will Ever See (Video)

Photo Credit: Shazzy Mazzy/YouTube

We have a new flop champion! read more

This Young Boy Ran The Route Of His Life To Catch A Pass From Peyton Manning (Video)

Photo Credit: Denver Broncos/Vine

Peyton Manning getting reading for the upcoming season. read more

Troy Offensive Lineman Terrence Jones Squats 810 Pounds

Photo Credit: TroyAthletics/YouTube

What an unbelievable squat! read more

GIF Central

Fan Throws An Octopus At Bruins Goalie Tuuka Rask (GIF)

GIF Credit: @PeteBlackburn/Twitpic

Redwings fans love their octopus! read more

Philly Fan Throws Middle Finger At Dan Carcillo After Rangers Goal

GIF Credit: @myregularface/Twitpic

Dan Carcillo flipped off after scoring goal in Game 3 against Flyers. read more

Mets Fan Completely Botches Catching A Foul Ball

Photo Credit: @cjzero/Twitter

This Mets’ fan needs to stay home for a few days. SMH! read more

Photo Bucket

Mike Woodson Hanging Out In The Club With A Blonde? (Photo)

Photo Credit: @tmckenna1/Twitter

Mike Woodson getting his party on? Hmm. read more

Rangers Fan Gets Rick Nash Face In The Back Of His Head (Photo)

Photo Credit: @NYRangers/Twitter

The 2014 NHL playoffs are here, so the die-hard fans come out! read more

Michael Vick With Jets, But Bleeds Eagles At Heart (Photo)

Photo Credit: @MikeVick/Twitter

Michael Vick Still Wearing Philadelphia Hat After Signing With Jets. read more

Gossip Galore

Bradley Beal Not A Fan Of The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Bradley Beal

Wizards’ Bradley Beal is against the deep dish. read more

Arizona Linebacker Daryl Washington To Be Sentenced For Aggravated Assault

Photo Credit: nickfinkel77/IconoSquare

Cardinals’ Daryl Washington facing serious time. read more

Keyshawn Johnson Thrown In Jail After Domestic Dispute With Girlfriend

Photo Credit: lilycamphotography/Statigram

Former WR Keyshawn Johnson went to jail for a half-day. read more

Women of Sports

Serena Williams Showing Some Skin At The Beach

Photo Credit: serenawilliams/Instagram

Bottom line… Serena Williams is sexy. read more

Hottie or Nottie: Bria Hartley

Photo Credit: breezyyy14/Webstagram

Is UCONN’s Bria Hartley a Hottie or a Nottie? Hmm. read more

Julius Peppers Girlfriend Claudia Sampedro Is Smoking Hot

Photo Credit: claudiasampedro_/Instagram

Julius Peppers is one lucky guy! Geez, Claudia Sampedro is way HOT! read more


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