Buckets From Downtown: Duke Forward Kyle Singler Performs Trick Shots That Will Blow Your Mind


Photo Credit: Chamber of Fear

With the NBA 2011 Draft set to happen on June 23rd, Duke college basketball star Kyle Singler has been constantly practicing his shooting stroke for the league. What better way to show the NBA teams of the forward’s talents than to present a video demonstrating Kyle Singler’s accurate shooting ability? Good idea Kyle!

It’s important to note that the video does not contain any shooting drills. Instead, the film will show unbelievable trick shots from all over the Duke campus. Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Buckets! The recorded video will show Kyle Singler mentioning this word multiple times as he proceeds to shoot the ball from all different angles and lengths. As you see the quick film, you will start to understand why Kyle Singler is being regarded as one of the top prospects in the NBA draft.

The video is definitely fun and entertaining. Kyle Singler’s last trick will be shot from the top of the college’s most renowned Duke Chapel. This shot alone will blow your socks off. Anyway, enough of me talking about the clip. Watch the video and see for yourself.

See Below for Kyle Singler’s Awesome Trick Shots

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