Funny How Things Change: Antrel Rolle Hated Playing For The New York Giants


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It was as recent as Week 15 of the NFL regular season when Giants’ safety and cornerback Antrel Rolle had enough of his team and decided that he no longer wanted to play in New York. The New York Giants had just lost to the Washington Redskins at home pushing the team back to a .500 record of 7-7. With nearly two important games left in the regular season, Rolle’s future with his team was very much in question.

According to New York Giants’ beat writer Mike Garafolo via The Star-Ledger, Giants safeties’ coach David Merritt was involved in many conversations with Antrel Rolle advising the seven-year veteran to maintain his composure and finish the season strong.

Why was Antrel Rolle so angry with the Giants? For so many years and throughout his career, all Rolle knew was how to be a safety. When the New York Giants hired Perry Fewell as the team’s defensive coordinator this season, all that experience in the safety position had to be put to the side. Rolle had a different task, playing cornerback.

It was an unfamiliar territory for Antrel Rolle and luckily, coach Merritt was there by his side to assist in any way possible. Merritt would exchange text messages with Rolle on a daily basis to help put things into perspective, not always about football, but life in general.

“Antrel stay the course my young brother,” Merritt said. “Putting coaching aside you are right where God would have you to be at this point in your life and career. Find out through prayer WHY are you here? What lesson is to be learned or who are you supposed to help here on this team or in this area!!!”

Merritt continued sending text messages as words of empowerment:

“Know that God has US here for a reason & sometimes a season. You may get that chance to leave in the end but WE must finish this season the right way, working unto God & not man!”

With the help of Merritt, Antrel Rolle was able to finish the season in a positive note. The Redskins loss would be the Giants’ last defeat as “Big Blue” rallied to win six straight games riding their streak all the way to the Super Bowl.

How does Antrel Rolle feel now? Ecstatic! During media day leading up to the Super Bowl, the guy couldn’t even stop smiling. Now, Rolle is singing “Kumbaya” with his fellow teammates and is all of a sudden happy to be a New York Giant. It’s funny how six consecutive wins and a shot to win the NFL Classic can suddenly change a person’s view in just a matter of weeks. Hey, what can I say? The Super Bowl tends to have that affect on people.

I wonder what would happen if the New York Giants lost in the Super Bowl. Do you think Antrel Rolle would stay or leave New York?

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13 Responses to Funny How Things Change: Antrel Rolle Hated Playing For The New York Giants

  1. tophatal says:


    Everything you need to know about Antrel Rolle can be summed up in a couple of words ………… Miami Hurricane . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    If you’re a boxing fan check out the new piece I set up on my site ?

    tophatal …………………..

    • CDR says:

      Yea, Antrel Rolle definitely had some negative buzz after leaving the Hurricanes. It’s crazy how so many athletes gets sucked up. I like the Hurricanes so we’ll leave that alone. hehe

  2. Christian, we in Philly have had our share of diva DB’s in the last couple of seasons. It is almost like the position is becoming as popular as wide receiver when it comes to “me, me, me.” I guess it is kudos to Coach Merritt for talking Rolle off the ledge and getting his head back into the game. Sad when you are getting this kind of money someone has to help you focus on your job…especially in a team sport. I’m betting he might squawk a bit one way or the other regardless of the outcome about the “past”…but ultimately he’ll be happy in NY. For now…

    • CDR says:

      Well said Bruce. I agree, cornerbacks have quickly started to become relevant again. Players are starting to put themselves out there, which is not always a good idea. In Rolle’s case, this story has a good chance of impacting what happens next year so he better make sure he wins tomorrow.

  3. Thanks to you, I was looking for props on Rolle to either have a pick in the game or win Bowl MVP.

    Two picks would win it for the guy, man, particularly if they’re timely enough.

    That’d come back +5000.

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin.’

    • CDR says:

      Recently just saw a prop on Antrel Rolle tackles – Over 6 (-120). Rolle is definitely pumped up. He’s already guaranteeing a Super Bowl win so he should be able to cover most props.

    • Sam Brief says:

      It’s funny how many different things you can bet on for the Super Bowl. In Vegas, they have one where you predict the color of Gatorade. (I gotta go orange here).

    • CDR says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sam. Wow! Now, the Gatorade prop is extreme! Everywhere, people are coming up with the most craziest props… to me it’s great that the Super Bowl is being celebrated the way it is.

    • Sam Brief says:

      For sure! Be sure to check out my Super Bowl preview!

  4. Oh how so many and the media forget things like this just after a few week’s time. Good piece Christian and enjoy the game.

    • CDR says:

      That’s right SG! Its amazing what winning can do to a player. Rolle seems very pumped up for this game… look for him to show up today. You enjoy the game as well.

  5. Never really followed the Giants so I was unaware of his switch to CB. It is pretty comical though how things work out in the long run.

    • CDR says:

      Hey DF! Welcome to Blog Surface and thanks for coming by. It’s amazing what winning can do… it truly fixes all problems.


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