BullSh*t! The Rock Mistakenly Curses On ESPN


Photo Credit: David Shankbone

On Thursday, Dwayne Johnson also known as “The Rock” had visited ESPN’s studio. The animated WWE wrestler/movie star appeared on SportsCenter promoting his latest movie “Journey 2,” in addition to marketing “WrestleMania 28,” WWE’s largest annual wrestling celebration.

If you’re into body slams and elbow drops from the top turnbuckle, WrestleMania in Miami is a must-see. “The Rock” is scheduled to go head to head with WWE superstar, John Cena.

In any case, “The Rock” was asked if he could still smell what he’s cooking after all these years…

Dwayne Johnson jokingly responded:

“It smells like… Uh, black Chilean sea bass with mango on the side. How about that?”

Literally, a few seconds later, not knowing that the show was airing live, “The Rock” followed up his answer with “That’s bullsh*t.”

“The Rock” and “Stone Cold Steve Austin” are probably the only two wrestlers that can curse on television and make it sound cool. It was definitely dumb, but still cool.


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12 Responses to BullSh*t! The Rock Mistakenly Curses On ESPN

  1. tophatal says:


    Isn’t that now the only way for him (The Rock) to get noticed given the fact that both his acting and wrestling career resembles the ambition and current state of Lohan’s career ? Both are embarrassingly going nowhere at present ! I don’t think I can put it anymore succinctly than that !

    Gisele Bundchen sticks up for her man but the real issue might just be what does Tom do for her ? Your thoughts ?

    tophatal …………..

    • CDR says:

      Alan, Lohan’s career? That’s a low blow mister! As much as I love to hear your opinions on everything, It’s difficult to agree with your statements… the “Rock” will probably go down as one of the most famous wrestlers of all-time. Yes, he came back to wrestling after doing the “movies” thing and while that might’ve been a bad move, it actually worked out for the guy… he’s still much loved by the wrestling universe.

      In terms of his movie career, there were some movies that weren’t that good, but there were some others that were pretty fun to watch. Give him a break Alan! hehe

      Regarding Brady and Gisele, Tom probably hasn’t spoke to her in days…. I can hear him now.. “you made me look bad in front of my teammates woman!” hehe Just kidding, I am sure that’s not what happened. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Evelyn says:

    People can’t seriously be upset about this?

    “’The Rock’ and ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’ are probably the only two wrestlers that can curse on television and make it sound cool. It was definitely dumb, but still cool.”

    Uh, Stone Cold not so much, but The Rock? Hell yeah! Besides, he was talking about himself and it was tongue-in-cheek. I’m sure there have been a lot worse things said on ESPN.

    Shucks, I was hoping to hear the answer to the weights question that the moderator got out of order. :)

    • CDR says:

      Welcome Evelyn! Thanks for the comment and I look forward to hearing more from you. I don’t think people are really upset being that this type of thing seems to happen more often than not. C’mon really? Stone Cold Steve Austin was the man and he didn’t care about anything. Want to know why? Cause Stone Cold said SO! hehe

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Bobby Charts says:

    Can you dig it! LOL

  4. Sam Brief says:

    These types of things always happen on ESPN.

    Also, you weren’t just right, you were dead-on with the Jeremy Lin prediction! Props to you, man, whenever I see some ‘expert’ raving about Lin, I know that you called it first.

    • CDR says:

      Thanks Sam for the comment! More and more people are seriously getting caught cursing and no one cares anymore. hehe

      In terms of Lin, thanks man! Let’s hope he can keep it going… now that we know he’s the real deal, the last phase would be to see if he can play with Mello… Stat I am not worried about… it’s Mello that might take away from everything… If the Knicks make it work… they’ll be a really good team.

  5. Hey, I’d rather listen to him curse than have to watch him flex another pectoral muscle on air, which is equally as offensive.

  6. The Rock is priceless. Only wish he’d sign up for some better movies.


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