Goodbye Burnett: Yankees Set To Sign Raul Ibanez With Eric Chavez Also Inking A Deal


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Upon signing with the Bombers, A.J. Burnett from the very first day of wearing the Yankees uniform was always considered the second free agent behind New York Yankees ace, CC Sabathia. The organization, the fans, as well as the media understood the situation, but A.J. Burnett never let the distractions get to him. Burnett wanted to win a championship and that’s all that mattered.

After winning Game 2 against the Phillies in the 2009 World Series [This coming after a loss surrendered by Sabathia in Game 1], Burnett finally resurrected himself. Everything was pointing to Burnett being a Yankee for many more years to come.

Then came the 2010 MLB regular season. With all the anticipation that had built up from the Yankees winning the World Series the previous year, A.J. Burnett found it difficult to mimic his great play from a year ago. Burnett stumbled posting a 10-15 record with a whopping 5.26 ERA. The 2011 MLB season was no different. Burnett continued to underachieve with an 11-11 record and a 5.15 ERA.

According to, A.J. Burnett’s 2010 and 2011 seasons rank third and sixth worst (out of 396), in terms of ERA. Burnett’s last two seasons alone rank among the bottom-25 in team history. That can’t be good.

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Entering the 2012 MLB regular season, A.J. Burnett’s 2009 World Series win was not going to be enough to save his career with the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers had chosen to go their separate ways and trade Burnett to the Pittsburgh Pirates for two marginal prospects. “Sayonara!”

The New York Yankees then turned their attention to their lineup. For a while now, the team’s front office has been trying to sign a much-needed left-handed bat, primarily for DH purposes. The Yankees initially tried to deal Burnett to Anaheim in order to get Bobby Abreu, but the plan never worked.

After some time, the Yankees finally found their man, Philadelphia Phillies, Raul Ibanez. According to Jon Heyman and, the Bombers are very close in signing the left-handed hitter who hit .245, 20 home runs and 84 RBIs last season. Not too excited? Ibanez’s numbers have indeed been on a steady decline, but the lefty’s experience and champion mentality should still help the Yankees effectively fill the needed DH position.

The New York Yankees are also close to bringing back utility infielder, Eric Chavez. Chavez batted .263, 2 homeruns, and 26 RBIs in just 58 games last season.

Currently, all teams involved are waiting for Burnett to pass his physical. Once complete, all trades and acquisitions should quickly start to filter through. Yes, the trade is still pending approval from the commissioner’s office and there are still even “talks” of Johnny Damon as a possibility for the DH position.

Regardless of this news, reports have surfaced that the Yankees would be extremely happy if the organization was to land Raul Ibanez.

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14 Responses to Goodbye Burnett: Yankees Set To Sign Raul Ibanez With Eric Chavez Also Inking A Deal

  1. Sam Brief says:

    I think that Burnett can have success in Pittsburgh. He has great talent, but playing in NYC got to be too much for him. Good luck to Burnett in Pittsburgh.

    • CDR says:

      Burnett can certainly provide the Pirates with help in their rotation. The bright lights of NY got too heavy for the pitcher… Pittsburgh would be a place where Burnett could definitely excel due to less pressure. With the additions of Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda for the Yankees, it was only a matter of time when Burnett got the boot.

    • Sam Brief says:

      Pineda was a great signing for the Yankees, because one of their issues was the bullpen, and now it gets a huge boost.

    • CDR says:

      You’re exactly right Sam. Currently, the Yankees rotation looks like this:

      Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes.

      Sounds like a better and younger rotation to me.

  2. tophatal says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the Yankees will continue to waste money as they’ve always done on pitching talent that is about as useful as a prophylactic with multiple wholes in it ! Brian Cashman is an #ss !

    AJ Burnett , a bust ! Randy Johnson in a Yankees uniform another bust ! Hideki Irabu ? Need one dare mention Carl Pavano ? It’s a pattern of idiocy within the Yankees’ front office !

    tophatal ………….

    • CDR says:

      Hey Alan… being that the Yankees always have the highest payroll, money to the franchise is never an option given that they sign the best players in the league. Obviously, the more you waste, the more busts you’re going to get. Good examples.

  3. tophatal says:

    Sam ,

    Burnett having success in Pittsburgh ? Since when have the Pirates had any recent success ? Bob Nutting as the team’s owner has been a complete buffoon !

    CDR , Ibanez in New York could be considered a good move but Chavez ? Isn’t that just plain stupidity once again by the Yankees ? The ownership group should’ve cashed in their “chips ” with Brian Cashman last year while they had the chance rather than giving him a contract extension .

    tophatal ……..

    • CDR says:

      The Pittsburgh Pirates were 72-90 last year. You’re right Alan, Pirates probably will have a similar season in 2012, but there’s no question Burnett could help the team.

      As for Eric Chavez, you can never have too many utility infielders. Let’s put it this way, A-Rod is most likely going to get injured again as he always does, the Bombers need someone to replace him and play well enough to keep the team afloat.

  4. That is one disturbing graph for Mr. Burnett.

  5. JT the Brick made a good point on his radio show last night.

    The Yankees wanted Burnett out so bad that they were willing to pay $20 million of his remaining salary to make sure he left town.

    • CDR says:

      Thanks for the info Chris. Wasn’t aware of that… if that was indeed the case… wow, talk about desperation. Either way, the Yankees were in no way, shape or form going to keep Burnett.

  6. Yankees did a good thing in signing Ibanez. Enjoyed having him in Philly. He’s the kind of acquisition the Yanks like to make…and I think he will like being a member of that franchise. I agree with Sam in wishing Burnett success in Pittsburgh. What a great story that would be if the Bucs could finally make the post-season with him at the “head of the class.” That division might never be more easy to navigate than this season.

    • CDR says:

      Ibanez is definitely a good pickup for the Yankees. In terms of Burnett, it’s another fresh start for him. I agree as well. Pittsburgh could be a place where he could once again get back to his winning ways.


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