AFC Champions On The Move: Patriots Close To Signing WR Brandon Lloyd


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

The New England Patriots haven’t had a legitimate deep threat wideout since Randy Moss. Many players have come and gone in the pursuit of trying to take hold of the “X” position, but to no avail.

In preparation for the upcoming season, similar to previous summers, the Patriots organization is on a mission to try and acquire a star-caliber wide receiver in free agency that has the talent to stretch the field and provide the team with big-play ability. That’s right people; Chad Ochocinco is not cutting it.

So which players do the Patriots have an eye on?

According to, free agent wide receiver, Brandon Lloyd is very close to landing in New England. Lloyd had made it public that he had some interests in playing for the Patriots. Who wouldn’t?

With Josh McDaniels returning to New England as the offensive coordinator, the relationship between Lloyd and McDaniels [Lloyd’s head coach while playing for the Broncos] will certainly play a big role in getting the new wide receiver acclimated to the New England offense. Many people thought grasping the Patriots offense would be a piece of cake due to the play of veteran future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady, but we’ve all seen how Chad Ochocinco struggled.

It’s important that everyone’s on the same page. Given that Brandon Lloyd signs with the Pats, Brady and his new weapon will have all the time they need to be ready. After all, the lockout has since been a distant memory and the players can finally now focus on just playing football.

Expect Brandon Lloyd to sign with the New England Patriots in the coming days.

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14 Responses to AFC Champions On The Move: Patriots Close To Signing WR Brandon Lloyd

  1. Sam Brief says:

    This will be a great signing by the Patriots. Lloyd is a dynamic receiver who can bring an outside receiving game to their offense.

    • CDR says:

      You’re right on that one Sam. Lloyd is a huge edition to the Patriots offense. The guy is a freak when it comes to catching the ball. As I’ve said before, the AFC East is slowly but surely getting stronger and stronger.

  2. I’m sure Lloyd will make a fine addition to the Pats squad, but Belichick should be more concerned with
    probably on the defensive side of the ball.

    • CDR says:

      Hey Jed, thanks for the comment. Bill Belichick and the Pats always makes the defense a priority, but every year, New England seems to make up for their lack of defense through Tom Brady and the offense. The Pats have been surviving and winning with this combination, not saying that it’s a good tactic, but it seems to be working for the team on a consistent basis. Brandon Lloyd is just another weapon that makes you forget the Patriot’s defensive woes.

  3. Chad’s not cutting it but somehow the front office got him to renegotiate his contract instead of cutting his @ss! I’m an ardent Pats’ fan and when it comes to mediocrity, I’m not tolerant of it! And that’s what Och’ had been over the course of the 2011 season for the Pats . Lloyd at 30% is way better than Ochicinco at 100 % and that is a fact!

    • CDR says:

      Alan, you won’t hear a complaint by me. Brandon Lloyd is definitely better than Chad Ochocinco. Lloyd is a knucklehead at certain times, but I am sure he’ll cut all that out because now he has a QB in Tom Brady. The Pats just got stronger. What to do Rex? What to do.

    • Och’ was all about being a team player once he got to the Pats . I was always under the impression you put on the uniform and then played with pride , passion and heart? Last I looked, Och’ didn’t possess any of those traits when he was on the field for the Pats!

    • CDR says:

      Chad Ochocinco had to learn the Patriots way. There was actually a tweet a couple of days ago from a fan asking Ocho “Are you scared that the Pats are getting all these new wide receivers?” Ochocinco responded “Hi, my name is Chad Ochocinco. Ask that question again?” I am not sure exactly why he’s so conceited, especially when he didn’t do anything at all this past season. Step it up Chad!

  4. Brandon Lloyd playing alongside , Welker , Hernandez Gronkowski and Ellis Green should make that Pats offense all the more potent and amongst the best in the NFL.

  5. As a Bills fan I don’t like to see the Patriots improving, but I don’t think this move makes them any better than they already were offensively. We’ll see.

    Hopefully our new and improved pass rush will help contain Brady and Co.

    • CDR says:

      I don’t think anyone in the AFC East like to see the Pats get any better. I disagree somewhat to the Brandon Lloyd comment. Lloyd is no Chad Ochocinco and there’s no doubt that he will help the Pats offense be even more dynamic. Why do you think your Bills got Mario Williams? hehe

  6. I’m currently wondering if Las Vegas has lines on a) how many teams Tim Tebow will play on during his NFL career and b) how long that career will be.

    Any guesses?

    I mean, ’cause we already know the amount of souls he’ll bless along the way is infinite.

    • CDR says:

      Tim Tebow will need to be more of a passing QB if he wants a chance at having a long career. In terms of his faith, you better believe the Almighty Tebow will have an impact. hehe


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