Next Stop For Tebow: New York City


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Today, the New York Jets have agreed in principle to acquire Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Tim Tebow. New York had agreed to send Denver their fourth and sixth pick in 2012 in exchange for Tim Tebow and a seventh rounder from the Broncos.

The negotiation seemed final in the afternoon, however both teams hit a snag when it came down to paying Tebow’s prepaid bonuses and salary worth approximately $5 million dollars. In the end, the Jets and the Broncos were able to hash out a deal with New York agreeing to pay half of the $5 million. With this agreement, Tim Tebow has officially joined the New York Jets for the upcoming season.

Just when we thought we were getting all we could handle with the Peyton Manning saga, here comes the rock star Tim Tebow out of nowhere. The Broncos had every intention to trade Tebow due to the Manning acquisition and it was just a matter of time when Denver found their suitor.

Out of the teams that were interested in Tebow [Jaguars, Packers, Jets, Dolphins, and 49ers], the Jaguars seemed to be the best fit. Simply for the reason that Jacksonville is Tim Tebow’s hometown and having been played with the Florida Gators, it made the most sense.

While all of us would like to think we know everything about sports negotiations and how it works on a daily basis, nothing prepared any of us for this type of news. It wasn’t surprising that Tim Tebow was being shipped out of Denver; it was more shocking to know that Tebow was going to land in New York.

The New York Jets had many “off the field” issues last year, which is the main reason for the team’s collapse at the end of the season. The Jets acquired Tim Tebow in hopes to change the culture of the Jets locker room. By bringing in “high character” guys to the team, the Jets believe their organization can get back to focusing on the more important things, such as winning the Super Bowl.

Here is where this move by the Jets gets complicated and to some degree, a bit confusing. The Jets organization was unsuccessful in luring in Peyton Manning, therefore in trying to regain their current quarterback’s [Mark Sanchez] respect, the team agreed to extend Sanchez’ contract and pay an additional $20 million in guaranteed money.

The team then moved forward and signed veteran backup quarterback, Drew Stanton from free agency. It seemed like the Jets had all their chips on Sanchez and in case of minor injuries, Stanton could come in and stabilize the team for a few games in Sanchez’ absence.

Everything seemed to be going smooth until today, when the Jets confused everybody in the nation by trading for another quarterback. Wait, another one?

By bringing in Tim Tebow, the Jets don’t only get a quarterback; the team also receives the entire media buzz that consistently follows this young signal caller. It almost feels that the Jets are more concerned with being in the back of newspapers than winning. Haven’t the Jets realized? Every time they’re team is being talked about, it’s for a negative purpose.

Without knowing, the Jets have just stirred up a huge quarterback controversy and even worse, traded to get one. Yes, the New York Jets landed one of most polarizing sports figures of this time, but the team better make sure that this move reaps the benefits.

The “Tim Tebow Project” can either go down as one of the greatest acquisitions of all time or has the potential to get everyone involved with this trade negotiation fired.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan… you’re on the clock.

Do you think the Jets were right or wrong in acquiring Tim Tebow? Let us know how you feel.

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12 Responses to Next Stop For Tebow: New York City

  1. Sam Brief says:

    I don’t think the Jets should have pursued Tebow. All this does is add unneeded drama and place more pressure on Sanchez. This is definitely a bad move for both parties.

    Now that Tebowmania and Linsanity are in the same city, I’m pretty sure that the New York media will find a way to combine the two into one word.

    • CDR says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Sam. The people that are saying the Tebow move was smart are probably the same people that just want to have a verbal disagreement. Tebowmania and Linsanity equals “TebowSanity.”

  2. I get the fact the Jets can improve their team with Tim Tebow taking the Brad Smith role of Wildcat/3rd Down QB and adding some punch and depth to a running attack that sorely needs it. I just don’t understand what they are doing with and to Mark Sanchez. They leave him twist in the wind while “blind” teammates take shots at him. Then they give him an extension. Then they give him Tebow. New York will be on fire to get Tebow in the game from the first exhibition contest. God forbid Sanchez throws a pick in the first half of the first game that counts. So I’m conflicted…Tebow has skills and can be a valuable pawn on the chess board…but it seems to me the real pawn here is Sanchez. I almost feel sorry for the guy. He just came out with a statement challenging his critics to step up and face him, trying to take back some of the story of his leadership issues…and now this. It almost seems it was the owner deciding he wanted his favorite player on his fantasy…um, actual…team.

    • CDR says:

      Great comment Bruce! It’s hard to disagree at this point. With TebowMania now in New York, Mark Sanchez doesn’t even look like the guy that should be starting as QB. You bring up major points… it’s difficult to understand what the Jets organization is doing right now. Is the Tebow move solely on making sure the “butts” are in the seats? Is it back pages of newspapers? Is it due to the fact that their next door rival [Giants] just won the Super Bowl and is now considered the “big brother” of New York? Logically, it’s not to say that Tebow wasn’t a good move “roster” wise, but given the Jets locker room issues last year, you just don’t bring in a guy like Tebow and think you will fix everything. Mark my words, if the Jets start losing again, start buying tickets to the circus.

  3. Do you buy these rumors they plan on using Tebow to replace Brad Smith? I’m not. The Jets love being in the spotlight, and since they can’t do it by winning Super Bowls, they bring in Tebow. How long before the New York media and fans push for the benching of Sanchez?

    • CDR says:

      Thanks for stopping by Gary. In all honestly, in regards to the Brad Smith comparison, I can’t see Tebow playing any other way. Brad Smith was the Jets “change of pace” guy and the Jets probably are already focused of mimicking the same strategy. While Tebow might not start in any game, he sure looks to be a big part of the offense in some way. Again, this move can either intoxicate the waters or become one of the greatest trades ever done. One thing is for sure, Jets wanted drama, they sure will get it this coming season.

  4. Who’d have ever imagined the Tebow signing would warrant more media attention than the Manning signing?

    And oh, I don’t think you’ve seen this yet, hehe.

    • CDR says:

      Exactly what I was thinking Chris. Tebow is indeed a special player. New York papers already have the Statue of Liberty “tebowing.” Wow.

  5. tophatal says:

    Jets’ CB Antonio Cromartie wants to give Tebow a warm welcome.

    Jets’ Cromartie: ‘We don’t need Tebow’

    • CDR says:

      Hey Alan, I did hear about the Antonio Cromartie rant on Twitter. Regardless if Tebow wasn’t signed yet at the time, this definitely wasn’t a good move on Cromartie’s part. But then again, Antonio Cromartie doesn’t really make too many good moves to begin with. We’ll just have to enjoy another season of Jet drama.

  6. I don’t think this was a move for anything more than publicity and jersey sales. They had a viable backup, now that team is going to be in disarray.

    Call me a Bills fan, but I just don’t like it.

    • CDR says:

      Publicity and jersey sales definitely had a bit to do with the signing of Tebow, but I believe it’s more than that. The Jets have lost confidence in Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been as classy as can be during this whole process, but if Mark Sanchez doesn’t play well, we all know where this is headed.


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