NY Jets Cromartie Now Loves Tebow: Jets WR Santonio Holmes Supports Mark Sanchez


Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

From the time Tim Tebow was signed by the New York Jets to the moment Tebow stepped in New Jersey, the media hasn’t taken their foot off the Mark Sanchez pedal.

Every minute of every hour, regardless of what the Jets organization stated in the past, Mark Sanchez is slowly being pushed away from the starting job. The Tebow acquisition has already created an earthquake in New York, thus impacting some players in the team.

One of these players is Drew Stanton, who the Jets acquired in free agency only to be traded again to the Colts a few weeks later due to the arrival of Tim Tebow. Jets CB Antonio Cromartie had also spoke out expressing his disapproval via Twitter.

Courtesy of NYDailyNews

“We don’t need Tebow,” Cromartie tweeted on Tuesday. “We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight.”

On Wednesday, Cromartie posted, “Y bring Tebow in when we need to bring in more Weapons for @Mark_Sanchez let’s build the team around him.”

These tweets were posted before the Tim Tebow acquisition and you’d find it very amusing that once the Tebow deal was official, Cromartie immediately countered and completely had a change of heart.

“He’s a guy that brings a different atmosphere to the locker room and the huddle,” Cromartie said. “We were missing that last year — a guy that can take control and do the things that we need to. (Tannenbaum and Ryan) feel like he can come in and bring us that spark on offense when he’s in certain packages.”

In any case, the New York Jets, similar to previous years have once again accomplished their goal and that is to have everyone that follows the NFL focus on “Gang Green.” The New York Jets have made it clear that the move to acquire Tebow did not have anything to do with marketing sales and attracting publicity to the team. It was simply described as a legitimate roster move. Nice try Mr. Johnson, but no one’s buying.

Throughout this whole saga, one thing Mark Sanchez has done correctly is staying quiet. The four-year quarterback has been nothing but a consummate professional. Sources close to Sanchez have stated that it has been bothering the young signal caller, but has chose to keep his emotions in-house and stay positive.

Jets WR Santonio Holmes had tweeted that he fully supports his quarterback and actually decided to post a photo wearing a T-shirt as evidence.

“Hey man, I got your back! Gotta stand UP, and stand OUT for OUR KID!

Photo Credit: Santonio Holmes/Twitter

This should mean a lot to Sanchez, especially because of the rough patch the two had experienced last year. There’s only so much a person can take.

Speaking of one’s patience, Tim Tebow has already expressed to the media that he is very excited to call Mark Sanchez his teammate. The so-called new “wildcat” option for the New York Jets is looking forward to getting to know Sanchez in order to build comradery. So much that Tim Tebow is already shopping for a house near Sanchez’s home. Crazy right?

According to Fox Sports, Tebow is considering renting a cottage near where Sanchez lives. Wow, talk about Mark Sanchez being “Carl Winslow” just like the show “Family Matters” with Tim Tebow as “Steve Urkel.”

What a year this is going to be for the New York Jets. As Bart Scott always says, “can’t wait!”

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10 Responses to NY Jets Cromartie Now Loves Tebow: Jets WR Santonio Holmes Supports Mark Sanchez

  1. tophatal says:

    Cromartie’s baby mamas want their money ’cause he ain’t been paying the child support for all of his eight kids. What now? Holmes is like the AIDS virus, at some point it will kill everything it’s associated with.

    Poor Timmy, what have he and Sanchez got in common > other than being over-hyped as QB’s n in the NFL?

    • CDR says:

      Antonio Cromartie should’ve known better before tweeting his concerns about Tebow. The Jets have always been known to fish for the big catch. Now, that Tebow is here, Cromartie did the right thing by taking it back. I just saw the Tebow conference for the Jets today, the reporters had to be moved to the practice facility because there were too many people. Tebow is not an ordinary backup QB and I think Sanchez fully knows what he’s dealing with.

  2. You got that right.

    Hard Knocks anyone?

    • CDR says:

      The Jets should welcome another season of “Hard Knocks” this year. If fans thought that one year was entertaining, the sequel would have so much more drama.

  3. Sam Brief says:

    The Jets took a bad situation and made it worse by bringing in Tebow. Now, the locker room will be divided. It’ll be an interesting season in NYC.

    • CDR says:

      In terms of the locker room Sam, the Jets were already divided last year so the Tebow acquisition would only make it worse or miraculously change it in a positive way. The NY Jets will be headlining for the majority of this upcoming NFL season. That’s no secret.

  4. Mel says:

    Leave it to the Jets to start a plan of using the wildcat option years after its introduction. It’s kind of like being really excited about buying your first pair of bellbottom jeans. The fashion world, and the league, has “been there, done that.”

    I actually don’t fault Cromartie for backing his QB; it makes sense, in a normal setting. However, this situation is anything but normal. With all of the drama of last season, the last thing you’d expect a team to do is what they’ve done so far. You have a head coach who is really a glorified coordinator, but by no means a true leader, all kinds of dissent and opinions flying around, all of the media headlines and trappings a team would ever need to deal with in its lifetime, and now one of the most talked about QB’s is signed as a backup? With his very own press conference to boot. For what purpose? For specialty plays, sometimes? For whenever Fireman Ed yells for him? What happens when Sanchez, already coming off of a shaky season, has his first hiccup in a game? Does Ryan answer to the pressure of the hype and opt for his star back up QB? And this after signing Sanchez to a contract extension? Where will consistency exist in this sort of environment?

    If we’ve learned anything about the NFL in recent years, it’s that the teams with strong consistent leadership, from head office to the starting QB, win. Sometimes, in spite of other obvious holes. The QB situation proposed by the Jets will undeniably create all of the entertainment the NY Post will want to print, but will it be able to beat Brady and the Pats in New England in December? Will a 3rd and 4 on the 20 of the opposing team be met with glances from players to the sidelines about which QB will come in to execute? Who will benefit from this, and how can it possibly work?

    • CDR says:

      Great comment Mel and finally happy to see you come by! All your wonderful points and questions are being asked everyday and the worst part of it is we won’t be able to find answers until the season starts. In the meantime, we are all forced to scrutinize the Tebow trade in every angle, because there’s nothing else we can do. I agree with many of your opinions, especially with you labeling Rex Ryan as only a “glorified coordinator.” Everyone knew last season that Ryan had no business in the Jets offense and basically gave the offensive coordinator at the time, Brian Schottenheimer, the keys to drive the truck. Ryan did promise to change that in the upcoming season.

      In regards to Cromartie, I too understand and love the fact that he supported Mark Sanchez. Santonio Holmes did the same as well. However, Cromartie should’ve known better and kept his opinions to himself knowing that NY is one city where everything can be blown out of proportion.

      Sanchez will definitely have tremendous pressure this coming season, but I for one believe it’s a good thing even though people perceive this Tebow deal to be so bad. Don’t get me wrong, the Jets could’ve gone another route, but if Sanchez is ever going to be able to be the QB the Jets want him to be, the four-year QB must do it now. No excuses, no explanations.

      Want to get Tebow off your back? Win. Point. Blank. Period.

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