Top 10 Most Influential Sports Insiders On Twitter


To all of our die-hard sports fans, when it comes to insider news, there are only two types of sports information made available to everyone on the Internet.

These two types can be described in two ways: A) Sports information that is legitimate and worth knowing B) Sports information that is inaccurate and considered to be just pure garbage.

Similar to us, we’re pretty sure most of you would prefer to just follow reliable sports sources that provide correct information. Reading falsified sports news can be aggravating so we’re here to help you disregard that type of information and steer you in the right direction.

Below is a list of ten sports insiders on Twitter that we have chosen, all of which are capable of providing every die-hard fan a consistent dose of accurate and entertaining sports information.

1] Adam Schefter [ESPN]

“Schefty” is one of our favorite insiders on Twitter. With nearly 1,762,507 current Twitter followers, Adam Schefter has been able to increase his Twitter count by providing solid NFL information guaranteed to keep you entertained and “in the loop” to what’s going on around the National Football League.

If you’re a NFL fan, “Schefty” is a must-follow!

2] Peter King [Sports Illustrated]

Peter King is another sports insider that people should definitely follow on Twitter. King is a NFL guru in terms of insider information. Trust us when we tell you, any sports news that gets published on Peter King’s Twitter page is worth reading. King and his sidekick “Bailey the Dog” have a total of 920,311 current Twitter followers.

3] Darren Rovell [ESPN/ABC News]

A sports business reporter, Darren Rovell will cater to all sports fans by providing interesting sports news, information from interviews and documentaries, and factual statistics revolving around sports and life in general. Think of it this way, it’s information always worth storing into your personal memory bank. Darren Rovell at this moment has 248,695 Twitter followers.

4] Chris Broussard [ESPN]

To all our die-hard NBA fans, we have you covered. Sportswriter Chris Broussard will supply you with some of the best news the NBA has to offer. From trade talks to player signings, Broussard will have it all. Give the guy some love and follow him. Broussard is standing tall with 519,056 Twitter followers.

5] Bill Simmons []

Not only is Bill Simmons the editor-in-chief of, he’s also a columnist who knows his sports. Bill Simmons will provide you with insightful breakdowns of games, players and teams. From time to time, Bill will present his followers with contests and entertaining videos. The guy is a beast when it comes to dissecting sports. It would be a crime not to follow him. Bill Simmons is a monster in the Twitter world with 1,817,919 followers.

6] Chris Mortensen [ESPN]

Would it be wrong if we call Chris Mortensen, a Senior NFL Analyst the godfather of NFL news? It’s definitely taking it to a different level by giving “Mort” that title, but he surely deserves it. By the way “Mort,” we’re not calling you the godfather because of age or anything, it’s simply because you’re the man! Don’t let your head turn into a balloon now.

There are times when “Mort” will be wrong on certain topics because it has happened in the past, but no one’s perfect right? Plenty of breaking news has landed on Chris Mortensen’s Twitter page as well. That alone should make sports fans want to follow the guy. Chris Mortensen is steady with 855,446 Twitter followers.

7] Jon Heyman [CBS Sports]

Don’t worry people; we haven’t forgotten our MLB fans. Next on the list would have to be baseball insider, Jon Heyman. Heyman might not have all the followers in the world, but the guy knows his baseball. Heyman will provide news regarding trades, game scores, and intellectual opinions on MLB. While John Heyman only has a total of 173,613 Twitter followers, we won’t be surprised at all if that number doubles in the near future.

8] Erin Andrews [Fox Sports]

Without a doubt, Erin Andrews should be followed on Twitter. The main reason is certainly not because she’s probably one of the best-looking women in the world of sports reporting [We’ll, now that we think about it, it plays an important role], but because Erin Andrews is very good at providing “behind the scenes” sports information that all fans love to hear and see. Erin Andrews is the queen of college football. When two big-time sports networks [ESPN and FOX Sports] fight over someone, it usually means the individual is great at what he/she does. We’re here to tell you that Erin Andrews is worth your undivided attention, plus she’s hot! Erin Andrews is doing mighty well with 1,485,982 Twitter followers.

9] John Clayton [ESPN]

John Clayton is a well-respected figure in the sports reporting industry; therefore it’s only fair we label him as such in the Twitter-sphere. It’s always great to hear what John Clayton has to say when it comes to the NFL. From injuries, to player availabilities prior to games, John Clayton is a must-follow on Twitter. Plus, why won’t you follow a guy that has THIS much personality? John Clayton is exactly where he needs to be with 523,748 Twitter followers.

10] Buster Olney [ESPN]

Buster Olney is the last sports insider on our list and the guy is indeed well deserving of the spot. Senior baseball writer Buster Olney is a popular figure in sports reporting and should be considered as one of the best sources for MLB. Olney’s views on the world of baseball are insightful. Learning from a man that understands the sport like no other will only make you love the MLB even more. Buster Olney is doing his “thing” with 540,987 Twitter followers.

We hope you enjoyed our list and take advantage of all this useful information. In addition, feel free to let us know who your favorite insiders are on Twitter and whom people should follow as well.

The more information, the better!

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6 Responses to Top 10 Most Influential Sports Insiders On Twitter

  1. Jeremy Wiebe says:

    For hockey fans, Bob McKenzie is a must follow for any inside hockey information.

  2. I SO cannot believe I didn’t make this list.

    Oh, well. Maybe next year.

    Good post, bra. As you might have expected, I was already following all of them.

    • CDR says:

      Thanks Chris. That’s great that you’re already following them. All provide great information in our opinion.

  3. Darren Rovell, I can dig because of business background!

    Olney on the other hand, not so much! And that primarily comes from his refusal to actually deal in depth with the steroid era. He became an apologist for Bud Selig and the hierarchy’s lack of action and stupidity! Not much to be said after that!

    Mortensen is a self absorbed a#s!

    Broussard has a keen insight on the NBA and he’s trusted by a number of players around the NBA.


    • CDR says:

      Thanks for the comments Alan. We could see how you would not like Olney. Until now, we disagree with Olney about his opinion on voting in players like Mark McGwire into the Hall of Fame despite the steroid use. Anyone that cheats in our opinion should never have the luxury of being a Hall of Famer. However, that doesn’t mean Buster doesn’t have a good opinion. To his point, there was a time where baseball was a sport in which many players were using drugs. Some players were caught and some weren’t. This fact alone sort of defines Buster’s opinion simply because since we didn’t know who was doing what then, we might as well just judge every player based on what they did on the field. Makes sense, but still… if you’re caught as a cheater, there’s no way in our minds a player should ever be called a Hall of Famer.

      We inserted Olney on our list because regardless of his opinions, he still does provide great MLB news to the public.


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