New York Yankees Get Swept: The Plan For Alex Rodriguez Begins


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Let’s lay all the cards on the table.

Alex Rodriguez batted .120, struck out 12 times out of 25 at-bats with zero homeruns and no RBIs in the 2012 MLB Postseason. It’s clear; “A-Rod” was simply abysmal in this year’s playoffs.

Aside from his offensive woes, Alex Rodriguez had gotten heat for trying to pick up women in the stands during Game 1 of the ALCS between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. While “A-Rod” continues to deny the reports, this type of behavior should not even be heard in October.

Alex Rodriguez’s inconsistent play, in addition to his irresponsible behavior got him benched for Game 3 and 4 of the ALCS. Rodriguez had one chance against a lefty in Game 4, but did not take advantage of the situation by flying out to the outfield. That was the last “A-Rod” moment of the 2012 MLB Season.

The same time Alex Rodriguez went down, so did the New York Yankees. The Detroit Tigers in the ALCS kicked the team with the best record in the American League this year to the curb. The Tigers swept the Yankees 4-0. It marks the first time the Yankees did not win a postseason game since 1980.

Now that the Yankees are no longer in the postseason, it’s back to the drawing board yet again for the organization. One of the major decisions the Yankees front office has to make is the situation with Alex Rodriguez. “A-Rod” had signed with the Yankees until 2017 with a no-trade clause. Rodriguez has to play five years out of his 10-year contract and still is owed $114 million dollars. However, if the New York Yankees do want to get rid of Alex Rodriguez, the team would have to pay the majority of his salary (Up to $80 million) in order to send Rodriguez to another team. Even the New York Yankees, a team that has the highest payroll in baseball would have to be forced to re-consider this strategy.

Alex Rodriguez plans to stay with the Yankees and has made it clear that he will bounce back from the awful performance every fan witnessed in the 2012 postseason.

Courtesy of ESPN:

“I’ve never thought about going to another team,” said A-Rod. “My focus is to stay here. Let’s make that very, very clear. I will be back and I have a lot to prove and I will come back on a mission.”

We would be in complete and utter shock if Alex Rodriguez weren’t with the New York Yankees next season. “A-Rod” is a 37-year-old ballplayer trying to revitalize his career, but we’re just not sure if it’ll ever come back. Still, you can never discount the heart and pride of a professional player. For “A-Rod’s” sake, let’s hope he gets his “mojo” back.

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8 Responses to New York Yankees Get Swept: The Plan For Alex Rodriguez Begins

  1. Jeremy Wiebe says:

    If the Yankees can deal A-Rod they should do it! He’s not worth the trouble. Let him go to some underachieving team like the Marlins where he would fit in perfectly. Yankees also have to reconsider their philosophy of buying sluggers. It’s not working.

    • CDR says:

      Thanks for the comment Jeremy! There are many fans with you on this. It could simply be over for A-Rod in terms of ability, but we can’t see the Yankees pulling the trigger and letting him go, there’s just too much money involved.

  2. CDR/Blog Surface

    Do you recall when the Yankees traded for A Rod in Feb 2004 ? That was three years in after he’d signed the first of the two $250 million contracts that he’d now signed over the course of his career. The Rangers having traded the player were left on the hook for 72 % of the remaining 7 years. Do you really now believe that the Yankees would like to be on the flip side of that coin? Bear in mind, in the aftermath of that mess, from thereon-in the Texas Rangers had a multitude of financial woes under the then ownership of Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette . The franchise was taken into bankrupcty reorganization (Chapter 11) , along with their other sporting interests ( Dallas Stars and Liverpool FC of the EPL (Premiership).

    If baseball is allegedly so financially sound from an economic standpoint, consider the fact that the Dodgers, Cubs and Rangers have all been taken into bankruptcy in the last eight years. The Yankees for their part grossed over $ 455 million in revenues but eked out a measly $10.6 million profit. Ain’t life grand in the world of professional baseball?

    Tophatal …….

    • CDR says:

      Thanks for stopping by Alan. There’s a huge part of us that thinks the Yankees should re-organize the entire team from top to bottom. The Bombers are just swinging and missing on some of these sluggers they bring to town.

      For example, look at the Austin Jackson/Curtis Granderson deal, we’re sure the Yankees would’ve loved to take that one back. How about Nick Swisher or even the signing of A-Rod? Although the organization has the most money, it’s way more than just buying hitters to get to the World Series.

  3. A-Rod won’t be going anywhere unless there’s a team dumb enough to take on a commitment and a player who is is conceited as self-serving and who simply is only playing for the money as he seeks to surpass the all-time home run record . A record I might add, that is tainted!

    Active home run leader

    All time career home run leader

    A Rod’s stats and postseason stats

    Tophatal ………..

    • CDR says:

      We hear you Alan. Again, there’s alot of flaws that A-Rod tends to bring, but you have to admit that Alex Rodriguez is getting way too much blame for the Yankees’ collapse. The whole roster literally went into a slump the same time… no team can afford to do that in the playoffs.

  4. Apparently $100 million can’t buy mojo.


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