New York Mets Could Trade Pitcher R.A. Dickey


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According to FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal, via Twitter, the New York Mets are not ruling out trading their best pitcher, R.A. Dickey. New York Post columnist Joel Sherman had also mentioned this news stating that the Mets could potentially trade the rare knuckleballer.

After picking up the 2013 options on their All-star third baseman David Wright and 2012 Cy Young finalist R.A. Dickey, Mets GM Sandy Alderson and his team are currently working on signing both players to a long-term deal, but in the case that negotiations go sour, then trades could certainly happen.

Courtesy of ESPN, Alderson briefly explained his position.

“I would hate to give up, for different reasons, an R.A. Dickey or a Jonathon Niese or a Dillon Gee, but it is our strength and it’s something we would have to entertain,” he said. “I don’t want you to leave here thinking we’re going to trade a starting pitcher and that’s an absolute. But it’s logical for us to consider that.”

As general manager, Alderson faces a tough situation, as the New York Mets’ roster was simply not good last year or the season before that. The Mets’ outfield has to be taken into serious consideration so a possible “big bat” in the outfield could make sense for a trade.

The Mets’ bullpen is also one that should demand attention. Ranked last in the National League in ERA at 4.98, someone needs to go.

All in all, the strength of the Mets revolve around their starting rotation. Rookie pitcher Matt Harvey impressed many fans last season and should continue to evolve into a good pitcher. Jonathon Niese had a record of 13-9 last year and still is working on being more consistent. Sandy Alderson certainly has some chips to play with if he wants to gamble.

While we love R.A. Dickey, if the Mets want to be anywhere close to being competitive next year, trading Dickey to get solid players might not be a bad idea. The Mets’ fans don’t want to hear that at all, but it’s important that the Mets’ evaluate all options when it comes to their pitching rotation. It’s the one thing that has the potential to keep New York afloat.

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8 Responses to New York Mets Could Trade Pitcher R.A. Dickey

  1. To your mind, what have the Mets really got by way of their top prospects and farm system? Because beyond that, there isn’t really that much to be excited about. Dickey isn’t the only piece of trade bait the front office is considering, as David Wright is also part of the apparent trade rumors on the table.

    The Mets are a considerable mess, competitively as well as financially, and they have been mismanaged by executives of this ownership group. Fans don’t seem to decry that fact, they simply rejoice with their apathy and wish for something better.

    • CDR says:

      To your point Alan, yes… David Wright is also included in trade talks, but something tells us he’s not going anywhere. We really believe that Wright will stay a New York Met. Out of the two All-stars, if it has to be either Wright or Dickey… we think Dickey ships out.

    • With all the money they have been hemorrhaging over the past five years, something will have to be done . Look at the Mets’ payroll , and tell me where you believe they have actually received “value for money” by way of a return on that investment.

      It is all well and good to deal in supposition, but the reality here is the team is not that good. Sandy Alderson and J Riccardi will have to start from scratch, if things are to be turned around.

      Tophatal ………….

    • CDR says:

      The Mets haven’t got “value for money” in a very long time so you have a point there Alan. Right now would be the best situation for the Mets. We hate to give up big fish here if we were the Mets, but like you said, something needs to get done and moved in order for this team to take a step forward. The Mets are basically atrocious in every phase of the game.

  2. The Mets lost almost $41 million in 2011 , so tell me how they can proceed as they are with a venue that is barely filled for their home games . This is not the federal government you’re dealing with here but a professional sports’ franchise . The government can screw over the public at will , with fans they can either choose to be apathetic or actually demand better . What is it that you want as a fan ?

    Having Citi-Field filled only to 67% capacity doesn’t help the finances of a team that has been badly mismanaged by Fred Wilpon , Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz .

    • CDR says:

      The Mets have lost money due to the way the team has been dealing in the market. Similar to many “high-payroll” franchises, the Mets get excited over the big fish that put up monster numbers the year before (Jason Bay). The Mets have continuously tried this tactic, but to no avail. Bad moves will give a team fits in finances, which is why it’s smarter to keep it simple. As a fan, we just want the Mets to be competitive and to actually have players that are skilled enough to play a certain way. C’mon, look at the Mets’ outfield this past season… Triple A teams have a better outfield. Start from scratch, find out who has the most value and rather than spend money, trade one big fish for two quality guys and go from there. It’s the only way to make the Mets from pathetic to average. One step at a time, it’s the only thing you can do at this point.

  3. CDR…

    You might be right about that, brother.

    His trade value is as high as ever. If they can get a good amount for him, it might be wise to pull the trigger.

    After all, he is a knuckleballer.

    • CDR says:

      It’s a hard decision, but if you were to put your thinking cap as a GM, it might have to be done given the roster the Mets have. If the Mets don’t pull the trigger on these types of decisions, expect New York to be horrible for at least 3 more years.


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