Kyrie Irving Puts On A Show In 2013 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge (Video)


Photo Credit: NBA/YouTube

When Kyrie Irving turns into the older version of himself nicknamed “Uncle Drew,” he usually utters the words, “Don’t reach young blood, don’t reach!

During the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge game, there were some great highlights, but nothing overshadowed Kyrie Irving’s ankle-breaking show against Detroit Pistons two-year guard Brandon Knight.

Over and over again, Kyrie Irving displayed why he’s currently one of the top premier guards in the game. Irving showed Knight why reaching for the ball is never a good idea when it comes to “Uncle Drew.”

During the post-game interview, Irving described that there was always a healthy rivalry between himself and Brandon Knight leading back to high school days. In the end, Irving still managed to stay professional by saying that Knight is a good friend of his and that it’s always great competition.

Kyrie Irving posted a dominating 32 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists in the game.


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2 Responses to Kyrie Irving Puts On A Show In 2013 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge (Video)

  1. Best player taken in the last two drafts? It’s looking so.


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