The Miami Dolphins Strike First In Free Agency


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The 2013 NFL Free Agency had begun this afternoon at 4:00 PM ET. Teams had already started to negotiate with unsigned players on March 9th, however had to wait until the start of free agency to sign the players.

Day 1 is almost over, however continuous signings are still occurring. One of the earliest splashes of free agency came from the Miami Dolphins. Miami GM Jeff Ireland along with 2nd year Dolphins’ head coach, Joe Philbin managed to snatch Ravens’ top free agent inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe to a five-year, $35 million dollar contract.

The Dolphins were just getting started. The organization also added another linebacker in ex-Raiders’ Philip Wheeler (5-Year, $26 million dollars).

For the knockout blow, the Miami Dolphins went in the market and fished themselves a top-flight wide receiver in Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Wallace. Wallace, after passing his physical signed with the team to a 5-year, $60 million dollar deal.

Coming into free agency, the Dolphins had two weapons by their side. Miami had a lot of room in their salary cap and the team also had some funds. It’s fair to say that the organization used their weapons wisely on the first day of free agency.

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6 Responses to The Miami Dolphins Strike First In Free Agency

  1. Not sold on Wallace. He has a tendency for key drops at crucial times. However, the Dolphins had to do something. We’ll see if this works.

    • CDR says:

      Mike Wallace is a legitimate deep threat, but hardly goes to the middle and is a mediocre route runner. Just how much can Wallace help the Dolphins, we’ll have to see. The Dolphins instantly make themselves a contender in the AFC East with their acquisitions. There’s no doubt about that.

  2. Nice move by the fish but wait, didn’t they just have Brandon Marshall on their roster?

    While happy with the acquisition, Miami fans can’t possibly think this is a playoff team yet, do they?

    • CDR says:

      You’re right Chris. Brandon Marshall was with the team when Chad Henne was under center. The young Ryan Tannehill has been progressing as a QB, so it might be a different situation now. Playoff team? The Dolphins are very close to being a competitor for sure.

  3. Great moves by the ‘phins, but it pales into insignificance by way of the Niners , their moves and potential moves , if they also land Ed Reed , besides Anquan Boldin.

    Tophatal …..

    • CDR says:

      The San Francisco 49ers are right in the thick of things as well. We know it’s unlikely that Darrelle Revis will join the team, but imagine having him and Ed Reed paired up with a team that’s already ranked top 3 in defense? Wow.


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