A Football Pass Smacks FOX Reporter Pam Oliver In The Face (GIF)


Photo Credit: John Ahlenius/YouTube

Prior to the Colts/Giants preseason game last night, Indianapolis Colts’ backup QB Chandler Harnish had mistakenly unloaded a laser pass to the face of FOX’s NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver.

There are only three reasons we could think of why a pass would land on Pam Oliver’s face. The receiver either wasn’t paying attention to the errand throw, QB Chandler Harnish just completely missed his target, or Harnish just didn’t like Pam Oliver at all.

We’re not sure if the Colts were running sideline drills with the quarterbacks and receivers, but judging from the pass, we’ll go with Harnish completely botching the warm-up throw and missing his wideout.

GIF Credit: @cjzero/Twitter

Watch the full video here.

Pam Oliver has been a sideline reporter for a very long time so it doesn’t surprise us how she was able to take the shot like a true veteran.

Talk about a perfect example of a person taking “one for the team.”

After the game, Chandler Harnish apologized on Twitter and made plans to send Pam Oliver a bouquet of flowers.

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2 Responses to A Football Pass Smacks FOX Reporter Pam Oliver In The Face (GIF)

  1. Ouch!

    The hazards of being a sideline reporter.

    She’s a good-looking woman too, however, there’s a reason they don’t show her lower half on TV if you catch my drift.


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