Sean Payton’s Annoyed Reaction To Classless Eagles Fan (Video)


Photo Credit: CoachSeanPayton/Facebook

After the Saints defeated the Eagles on the road in the first round of the NFL playoffs, New Orleans’ coach Sean Payton shook hands with fans as he headed to the locker room.

In the process of being congratulated, one Philadelphia Eagles’ fan felt the need to signal a “thumbs down” in front of the coach’s face.

Sean Payton gave the fan an evil “death stare” and almost took the young man’s arm off.

It proves the point that there’s no such thing as “friends” once the NFL playoffs begin. Everyone has enemies.


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3 Responses to Sean Payton’s Annoyed Reaction To Classless Eagles Fan (Video)

  1. Alan says:

    Sean Payton of all people, is angered by a fan’s classless act ? Wasn’t this the guy who countenanced his players to make somewhat illegal and dangerous hits on an opponent during games covering a four-year span ? Something which the NFL hierarchy was fully aware of and then like the @ssholes that they are, merely gave those involved, a mere slap on the wrist . The NFL has become soft and is being ran by a bunch of pu@@ies !

  2. SportsChump says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t just have have Gregg Williams put a hit out on him.

    Awwww, too soon?

    • CDR says:

      Nope, just in time Chris. We forgot about Gregg Williams. When they said he was going to disappear, they weren’t kidding.


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