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Eddie Lacy Suffers Concussion After Loss To Seahawks In Season Opener

Photo Credit: @TheBestGear/Twitter

Eddie Lacy taken out of the game after massive hit from Seahawks’ safety Kam Chancellor. read more

David Wilson Delivers Super Emotional Retirement Speech (Video)

Photo Credit: DavidWilson34/Facebook

We wish David Wilson all the best in the future. read more

Paul George X-Ray On Fractured Leg (Photo)

Photo Credit: @TheNBACentral/Twitter

Yup, that’s broken alright. read more

Pacers Paul George Suffers Horrific Fracture During USA Showcase (Video)

Photo Credit: paulgeorge24/Facebook

Get better soon PG! We are all behind you. read more

Ryan Braun Unintentionally Smacked His Teammate In The Head With His Bat (Video)

Photo Credit: Becks/Vine

Ryan Braun nearly decapitated his teammate. read more

Reds Pitcher Gets Hit In The Face With A Line Drive, Carted Off The Field

Photo Credit: daisymaesmarket/Statigram

Reds’ pitcher Aroldis Chapman experienced a horrific injury against the Royals. read more

Jeff Van Gundy Jokes About Derrick Rose’s Knees

Photo Credit: Just Win Baby/YouTube

During the Knicks/Bulls game this past Sunday; NBA TV analyst Jeff Van Gundy made a joke about Derrick Rose’s injured knees. Via the ESPN broadcast, Rose was shown … read more

Anderson Silva Asks Doctors: When Can I Train?

Photo Credit: spideranderson/Facebook

When Anderson Silva broke his leg against Chris Weidman in UFC 168, many fans including us thought that the “Spider,” probably the best MMA fighter to ever live … read more

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