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Aaron Hernandez Indicted On First-Degree Murder And Weapons Charges

Photo Credit: ABCNews.com

In Bristol County, Massachusetts, former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez had been officially indicted of first-degree murder and five counts of weapons charges in connection to the death … read more

The Collapse Of Aaron Hernandez

Photo Credit: AaronHernandez85

Regarded as one of the elite tight ends in the NFL, 23-year-old Aaron Hernandez at such a young age had already seen the best of what life could … read more

Jets Will Pay More For Tim Tebow Than The Patriots In 2 Years

Photo Credit: acstyck15/Statigram

Even when Tim Tebow is no longer with “Gang Green,” the New York Jets will still continue to pay Tebow in 2013. Surprisingly enough, the Patriots who had … read more

Tom Brady and Wife Gisele Bundchen Have Another Baby

Photo Credit: Gisele Bündchen/Facebook

It appears that New England Patriots’ future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady has a lot more things on his mind nowadays other than football. This past Wednesday … read more

NFL Predictions Sure To Go Wrong In 2012-13

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

It’s 10:57 P.M. on a Tuesday night and to say that I’m tired would be an understatement. But there might be one thing I love more than sleep … read more

NY Giants Win The Bowl: It Was Bad Karma All Along For The New England Patriots

Photo Credit: stallio

The “Golden Rule” is a common expression known to man and it easily means to “do unto others as you would have them to unto you.” It’s a … read more

The Beginning: 20 Amazing Photos Of “Tebowing” Awesomeness

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

This past Saturday night marked the end of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos’ magical season. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots dominated the 2011-12 AFC Divisional … read more

I Hate Tom Brady: Young Kid Expresses His Hatred For The Future Hall Of Fame Quarterback

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

So why do people hate Tom Brady so much? Is it because of the three Super Bowl rings? Let’s see… maybe its Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady’s wife), the … read more


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